Scotch tape people


I throw and break things when i’m angry; then immediately feel bad and try to glue them back together a second later.

That’s why i’m glad people are not breakable.

I could just see the people who have loved me walking around cracked and full of scotch tape; and me staying around them forever out of guilt for the pieces i could never put back…

3 thoughts on “Scotch tape people

  1. I really connect with your sentiment, but then I wonder if sometimes people are just so fragile before they got to you it would have been hard not give them a few cracks just by getting close to them. Or is it possible that the person themselves have put themselves in a precarious position so that your little knock might have easily caused them to fall of the ledge to the ground? And sometimes you can break people by just expecting better out of them. Maybe they don’t break, but maybe it’s more like you added water to clay and they sort of flattened out a little, so after a little drying, they then shape themselves back into a whole person again, and are even better for having met you.

    But maybe you should feel guilty forever, but I don’t think so. I had someone I loved get really really angry during a fight and tear me down. It hurts. For a long while I just wanted to hurt back. I wanted to know she felt guilty. I wondered who was it that I loved…the person before the anger…or was that cruelty there all along. But in the end I rejected that notion, because after the hurt fades, the love is still there, and while I could not tell them personally I forgave in my heart, and would not want them to feel guilty for how they treated me all their lives, I still just wanted them to be happy, and hope that they learn just to not get so angry again in the future. 🙂

  2. Dr Good Vibes

    I really like this piece and the others I read. It gets me thinking. The only thing I must disagree with, is that I think people do walk around all cracked. I know I have some cracks in me, maybe not from being thrown to the floor like a plate, or at the wall like a mug but I’ve definitely taken some hits and my life has been relative bliss. I guess what I’m saying is that the speaker’s sentiment that it’s good people can’t be thrown and cracked only deepens the poems emotion for myself because they certainly can.

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